in a sea of chaos it’s uplifting to hear some positive news, especially when it involves saving those who cannot speak for themselves.

83 elephants are now safe and secure in a protected reserve after conflicting with a village in Malawi, explains International Fund for Animal Welfare (IFAW) president Fred O’Regan in a newsletter. The elephant family was in constant conflict with locals until they were safely moved to the Majete Wildlife Reserve.  Displaced elephants can find themselves herding in the wrong direction which is common due to overpopulation and man-made technology interfering with their otherwise natural habitat and manner. This can result in chaos and destructive, unnecessary killings – but not this time.

O’Regan describes the scene as one where villagers and animal lovers alike were satisfied with the handling of these beautiful creatures. Crowds cheered and sang as caravans full of captured elephants – with the help of specialists so trust that it was a safe and healthy process – quickly passed by. One massive elephant filled an entire trailer by himself! O’Regan credits the Malawi government as being an admirable partner to the IFAW by resolving the conflict in an ethical and humane manner. “It was a great victory for animal welfare,” said O’Regan. “It proved that a conflict like this can be resolved without a gun.”

check out the slideshow of the Malawi Elephant Rescue here. Note: some images are startling at first because some of the elephants were temporarily “put to sleep” to avoid any mishaps and additional stress to both parties, but if you keep watching you’ll soon find these gorgeous beasts frolicking in the greenery at the reserve.


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