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The Princess and the Frogs

Vicki Lee Ragan, American, born 1951

Medium: Dye diffusion transfer photograph (Polaroid)

when he bids me


go home

stop following behind

let there be

time without memory

all is loss

my soul gone

into numb nothingness

my body unable

to know or move

from this strange

forbidden garden

he lures me here

where love

will not come again

– bell hooks, When Angels Speak of Love: Poems

Image thanks to the Brooklyn Museum

in the words of Rachel Zoe, I diiiiie for Zac Posen’s spring 2010 collection. granted, I’m all hung up on fall’s smoky navy smudged eyes, thigh high boots, au natural nails, and plushy mauve lips, but I cannot help but squee over Posen’s eye popping collection full of brilliant hues and a sea of rainbow chignons.





Thanks to for gorgeous backstage images


last week I was in desperate need of an eyebrow wax. and when I italicize desperate I mean it was a full on Frida situation. I openly (and embarrassingly) admit that I haven’t been waxed in months, merely relying on my tweezers to keep my caterpillars acceptable until I decided to give in and get waxed. I have really sensitive skin, leaving me prone to crazy wax burns that turn out looking like an extra set of eyebrows right under the originals.

thanks to Stript Wax Bar in Ithaca, NY –  headed by ex-Rasa Spa beauty maven Rachael – I left feeling like a whole new woman. my face automatically opened up. my brows looked immaculate. and I left with ZERO burns! a first! (hint: take an Advil of Ibuprofen before going to help minimize discomfort and thin blood for minimal pain and burn)

Stript Wax Bar – also located in San Francisco and Palo Alto, CA – uses hard wax that is meant to cover a larger area in a shorter period of time. less dip and strip and repeat two, three, four, ten times. who wouldn’t love that?! plus, with a glass of champagne or water with lime you’re immediately comfortable in this luxe environment donned with white orchids, pale gray trim and a plushy violet loveseat. if you’re going to get Stript, this is the place to do it.

PS – don’t forget to read their “wax rules” before you go!


my apologies for the delay! sending the summer out with a bang is very time consuming thanks to the holiday. expect more delays as the next few weekends are jam packed with road trips, football games, and other such fall fanfare. but I’m here for you and have some incredibly awesome dish to share so stay with me. I have some cool stuff up my sleeve!

for starters, this will either royally creep you out leaving you wondering how these women operate on a daily basis (especially if they wear contacts – ouch) OR (if you’re me) this is the coolest form of nail art since Florence Griffith-Joyner’s fierce debut.


from hard candy to Hello Kitty bows to zebra print nails only Jem could love, here are a few of my favorites. you’ll be amazed…or feel really bashful about your boring-by-comparison fresh mani.









and these are my all-time favorite because…


they are not unlike this famous painting by Hokusai:


for the full nail parade visit BellaSugar.

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