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Yo di
san kretyen

Si sete vre
Si sete vret

ala diri
ak mayi

ki ta genyen
la peyi

They say

human blood

If that were true
If that were true
my friends

how rice
and corn

would thrive

Thanks to Merete Heather Mueller for sharing and translating this poem.

“A prostitute blows bubbles on a street in Port-au-Prince on January 24, 2010. Police in the Haitian capital counted their losses and gathered their forces today, preparing for a surge in crime they are certain will follow the devastating January 12 earthquake. ”

Text HAITI to 90999 to donate $10 to Red Cross Relief Efforts. Here’s more info on Red Cross efforts to help Haiti.

Thanks to for sharing this powerful image with us!




Hello friends! I’m back in the Internet flesh. How I’ve missed your faces.

I just read a hilariously true article on Jezebel (natch) entitled “Why I Hate ‘Recessionista’ Lifestyle Pieces” that I need to share. We’re all in a financial rut whether we were handed a pink slip or have had to scale back our weekly expenses or are apologizing profusely to our landlord for another late rent payment; decidedly we’re in this thing together. Comforting pieces from various blogs arise and glossies come out with cheap ways to stay chic or affordable ways to dine out. My mom has made it a hobby to go over my budget. :le sigh: Sure, it’s a nice try and some of them are even convincing and helpful, but then there are those of the totally obscene nature.

Take Elle and writer Laura Hollinger for instance. I normally love my Elle so I’m pretty bummed by their choice here.

Frugalista…Recession Diva…”Broke is the new black”…it’s all same ridiculous termonology created by those hardly effected by the recession to try and fluff over the damage done to our wallets – and our minds. People, hear me: I’m not a trend. I’m $#)(^ing BROKE. Trying to make an empty wallet seem cute is like making dogs dress like humans. It’s tacky. It’s pointless. And it’s dumber than a pile of gold plated spend-me bricks.

Since I’ve been job hunting for the better part of a year thanks to losing my gig back in October, I’ve freelanced, temped and done what I had to survive. Living with parents and couch hopping is not chic. Writing a check that you know damn well will bounce is not flattering. Feeling the vom rise in your throat while you watch the dollars tick away while tanking up is not healthy. And all of this is made worse by some wealthy woman whining over having to cut her trip to Vail in half. This is a lifestyle driven by necessity; it’s not a trend.

But what I love most about Peterson’s piece in response to Laura Hollinger’s recessionista dribble in Elle (entitled “My Year of Living Frugally”) is that she’s truly one of us. There’s no faux pretense or apology; she’s up front about her squabbles and sad trips to Safeway. She’s real and we love her for it.

Now, this is not a simple case of sour grapes on my part. After all, if Hollinger has the money to play, it’s her life. But I am really confused at why so many women fueling these trend pieces are creaming themselves over pretend frugality?

Especially when they don’t have to?

Being financially savvy as a woman is an important and powerful thing. Understanding money, making it work to your advantage, and not being afraid of its possibilities are common themes that most people struggle with through the course of their lives.

But, if you are one of the lucky ones who managed to get through this recession with only minor tweaks to your lifestyle, then why are you doing a part-time game of make believe about coming hard times?

What really makes me believe in Peterson is the fact that I can laugh out loud – a healthy, hearty laugh – about her groveling to her landlord and her “broke ass trip to Safeway” because I’m right there with her. I’ve spent the last $50 on an interview dress so that I didn’t roll up to the 53rd floor of McGraw-Hill looking like one of the Lost Boys. So much for lunch that week.

“I crossed my fingers and promised T-mobile another $100 on Friday, knowing damn well my next payment wouldn’t drop for a couple of weeks…

I totally get why everyone under the publishing sun is writing sordid tales of recessionista non-fiction. Shit is rough out there. While Hollinger wrote about investing $800 in “lifetime” pieces for her wardrobe, I hemmed and hawed over buying $5 Tres Emme shampoo last week at Walmart. No matter who is saying what and how they’re saying it, you have to laugh. Let it out. Catch and release. And pray to the recession Gods above that we climb out of this hell hole soon because Lordisa knows we’re all tired of lying to T-Mobile. Broke is far from being sexy, but finding humor in our financial woes sure as hell helps us through, doesn’t it?

as you know I’m a big Jezebel reader if not only for their humor, but also for their insight – their female insight – on everything from politics to news to celebrity gossip. they are my go-to blog for personality. with that said, this article had me LOL-ing for real. hopefully, on this humid Monday, it will do the same for you, especially if you’re a child of the 80s like myself.

Your Next Summer Blockbuster Might Be Strawberry-Scented

The news that 80’s video game Asteroids will soon be made into a major motion picture got me thinking: why aren’t there any action films based on 80s toys primarily aimed at girls? A few suggestions, after the jump.

  • Strawberry Shortcake: The Fall Of Orange Blossom
  • Plot: Orange Blossom, once a dear friend of Strawberry Shortcake, moves in with the Peculiar Purple Pie Man of Porcupine Peak and changes her name to Citrus Frost. All hell breaks loose when she tries to freeze her former fruit-friends into oblivion. Will Strawberry Shortcake save the day?
  • Tag Line: “Orange You Glad This Shortcake Can Kick Some Ass?”
  • Care Bears And The Stare Of Doom
  • Plot: A stomach virus infects Care-A-Lot, causing the Care Bears to fall into a trance, and their patented Care Bear Stare into a weapon that Captain Coldheart aims to use to ruin everything. Only one Care Bear, Funshine Bear, avoids the plague. But does he care enough to stop the end of the world?
  • Tag Line: “Get Ready To Care….Or Be Taken Care Of.”
  • She-Ra, Princess Of Power
  • Plot: No, seriously, make this movie. There already is a plot. Just don’t cast Megan Fox. That is all.
  • Tag Line: “For the Honor Of Grayskull!”
  • Rainbow Brite: Colors That Kill
  • Plot: Murky Dismal has designed a device that will rid the world of color…and humanity. It’s up to Rainbow Brite and her crew to stop the plan through many violent action sequences involving multi-colored lasers and catchphrases like, “He just blue you away!” And “you’ll be seeing red after this!”
  • Tag Line: “These Colors Don’t Run…Motherfucker.”
  • Get Along Gang: The Final Battle
  • Plot: Shit gets real when the Get Along Gang finds itself in the middle of an all-out gang war in a post-apocalyptic world. Can they get along…and survive?
  • Tagline “The Gang’s All Here…To Kick Some Ass.”
  • Jem And The Holograms: Showtime, Synergy
  • Plot When Synergy is corrupted by a hacker hired by the Misfits, Jerrica Benson and her alter-ego, Jem, go on a crime spree that shocks the nation. Can the Holograms rewire their lead singer before its too late?
  • Tag Line: “She’s Truly Outrageous…And We’re All Paying The Price.”
  • Lady Lovely Locks: Locks And Loaded
  • Plot: When the Russian government decides to take over the world using tiny microchips implanted in hair follicles, it’s up to Lady Lovely Locks and the Pixietails to save the day, and the hairstyles of all.
  • Tagline: “You’re About To Get Locked.”
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Find the original post on Jezebel here.


talk about empowering! to be this brave, courageous, proud, gorgeous and all around bad-ass in a time of great oppression and faux democracy is unbelievably admirable. they exude the meaning of strength. keep it movin’, ladies. we’re all with you!

TEHRAN, IRAN – JUNE 15: Iranian supporters of defeated reformist presidential candidate Mir Hossein Mousavi demonstrate as a woman carries a sign saying ‘where is my vote’ in the streets on June 15, 2009 in Tehran, Iran. Crowds of people gathered to protest the re-election of Iran’s President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, who won a second four-year term in a landslide election victory on June 12. (Photo by Getty Images) original post

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