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*Disclaimer* My apologies for the swearing and cussing to come in the below post. My brain is just a lil’ sore from not understanding certain ways of thinking. Imagine how that violation might feel before you excuse it, ya know?

I wasn’t going to say anything about this Roman Polanski “youthful error” (my ass!) nonsense because I’ve already exhausted my vocal cords in anger. my knuckles may never return to normal color again after gripping my desk so God damn hard. this pathetic petition of entertainment’s greats are supporting a child rapist to either protect their own, watch their careers for future projects, and/or excuse his mess because he’s a “genius” behind the lense is absurd beyond belief. those are the excuses I’ve come up with and they’re just not good enough. I’ve admired these people – who I thought were somewhat intelligent people – and their work from afar since I understood what being an artist really meant. but then I saw this name:

Diane Von Furstenberg.

WTF, DVF?!?! SERIOUSLY? one of my all-time female icons who I’ve admired since college has become an utter disappointment. Guess all that charity work smacks of lies, deception, keeping up with appearances, and such, huh? I’m stunned by seeing her name. totally fucking stunned.

Natalie Portman.

Hello, hypocrite. did you not just film a rape scene for The Other Boleyn Girl marking it as one of the hardest moments in your career? WOW.

and it gets worse. pop your Pepto now.

Martin Scorsese, Woody Allen, Harrison Ford, Steven Soderbergh, Salman Rushie, Mike Nichols, Sam Mendes, Penelope Fucking Cruz and TILDA FUCKING SWINTON ?!!!?!?

countless movies defining my personal pop culture experience and child-adulthood nostalgia (which means a lot to me) will officially never be thought of in the same way again.

maybe I’m wrong in believing that justice needs to be served to the now adult woman who was raped at 13-years-old after being fed into a champagne and drug induced stupor so Polanski could have his disgusting way with her. I thought that as a society we decided rape was a bad thing? what is this “age of consent” bullshit I keep hearing about? there is no age requirement for not allowing someone’s nonconsensual entrance in to your body!

FemBot has a quote from Robert Goolrick of The Beast, who was raped by his father, that is oddly reassuring.

…it is the absolute, final, and total end of childhood, of any sense of innocence and wonder. Perhaps the girl in California had already lost hers. Perhaps her mother manipulated the situation. I, frankly, don’t give a good goddamn… . So, the Artist as rapist. Do we trade a child’s life for Knife In The Water? And, if so, do we trade a child’s life for Caddyshack? I say no.

and just when we thought we had accomplished so much we realize we’ve accomplished so little.

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