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I’m having way too much fun with this new website toy. is sure to lift you from the 3 o’clock slump. born in the frizzy 80s but secretly worship the feathery 70s? well, with the right photo and some minor adjustments you can see what the 70s version of you would look like. and trust me, some of it ain’t pretty.

all you do is start with a photo of yourself.


upload it on to their site. edit it onto a blank head using their digital guidelines then scroll through hairstyles making minor adjustments as you travel from 1950-2000. here I am in a 60s coif celebrating the once infamous “flip”


below is the version of me circa 1988 that looks exactly, and I mean exactly, like my mom. flattering of course as my mother is a beautiful woman, but anyone with that much Aqua Net and faux gold jewelry should be locked away in some secret room with the rest of The Breakfast Club crew. ohh, the denim. sooo much denim.



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