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soulpancake asked their Twitter followers to list three books we wish we could live inside of. it’s stupid hard for me to list one favorite book let alone three I’d like to live in! :head desk:

after some careful thought, consideration and relying on the fact that variety is the spice of life, I decided on the following in the name of fantasy, romance, intrigue, adventure, and pure hotness.


I’ve been a sucker for vampires ever since Buffy the Vampire Slayer (starring Kristy Swanson) came out in full effect. I was in middle school, awkward, and totally over locker rooms and school dances. Buffy was the epitome of the solid kick ass chic who made that boring shit fun with her homemade daggers and hottie BFF Luke Perry :purrrrrrrr: I wasn’t blonde yet but Buffy most definitely lent a hand in leading the way to that transformation. she was the coolest vamp I knew until Edward Cullen came along. now I’m back to thinking about locker rooms and school dances. I’d be all over attending them this time around because my version of  high school was totally boring. however, if I went to Forks High School where werewolf running amuck is normal and spending each night with my hottie BF singing me to sleep was accepted then I would have been less inclined to use study hall as nap time. no matter how grossly illegal and slightly disturbing that may be (I’m no Twi-hard but I admit I’m damn close!). who can blame me? who wouldn’t want to snuggle up to a hot century old vampire who still had the skin of a 17 year old? all I can think about is when the F is Stephenie Meyer going to get off her wealthy behind and write that fifth book!? :le sigh:

Sex and the City

this may not seem like much of a stretch for some of you, especially New Yorkers, because living in the city is fabulous no matter who you are and how old you allow yourself to be. I have the gaggle of friends, city savvy knowledge of what’s hot and not, and the neverending romance with this gorgeous city as well as growing youth on my side. but. the thought of being a columnist with no 9-5 job, a closet full of Manolos for each day of the year, a roomy Village rent stabilized :drool: apartment, and a heartwrenching romance to never let boredom find you sounds pretty f-ing amazing to me. no matter how fictionally silly it sounds I don’t care. I could live the life of Carrie Bradshaw and get Carried away all too easily. yum.

Vanity Fair: The Portraits: A Century of Iconic Images

I love people. I’m totally fascinated by their mannerisms, voices, hair, skin, smell, quotes, likes/dislikes, you name it. I also love pop culture. to me it’s as important as science and math. you are what you eat, read, wear, listen to, watch, etc. if you see what I mean. if I could time travel I’d spend the entire century engulfed in photographs. I want to hear my ultimate idol Marilyn Monroe laugh between shots. is George Clooney really as charming as they say? what about that picture of Johnny Depp and Kate Moss? were they as in love as it seemed? how about Charlie Chaplin, Marlene Dietrich, John Lennon, President Obama? what are they like when being photographed? I’d love to sit directly behind Annie Leibovitz or Mario Testino as they photograph some of our culture’s most well-known faces. images can speak volumes about a time period. ours certainly has a lot to say.


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