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Coco Chanel, meet Tim Burton.


We know the last thing a woman wants in her life is split-ends, flat tresses, or humongous roots. The horror! Rest assured, lady. We hear you and want to let you in on the latest salon that will quench your glam grooming thirst.

Hair has a point to make โ€“ exclamation point โ€“ at Pepper Pastor Salon, located at 223 Front Street at Beekman Street in Seaport. Mingling two attitudes into one, Stylist Pepper Pastor (former ballet dancer and Paul Labrecque alum) and business partner Joel Sonkin (former finance exec) fuse modern chic with old school Victorian-esque beauty (think: Alice in Wonderland with tattoos).

Ladies leave looking delicious in blown-out Gossip Girl dos, old Hollywood waves, chic bobs, and shine on highlights. Dine on caramels, watermelon-flavored marshmallows and tea service while getting an event up-do, color restoration, hydrating service, professional makeup application or any other service your little heart desires. Foil, paint, gloss, highlight, repeat. Stylist Pepper does it all. Get in line.

Note: The above image is from Zac Posen’s fall 2009 show. Makeup artist Lucia Pieroni told that she had visions of a classic Burton character, Helena Bonham Carter’s corpse bride, and Winona Ryder’s Beetlejuice, spinning in her head when creating the look for Posen’s show. Long, voluminous lashes and hollowed out dark eyes with barely there blush. Tough, moody, a touch of gothic and even more glam. Read more about her inspiration here.


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