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OK. so today I found a new favorite blog, save the assistants. not only does their “Bossary” make me howl and snort with laughter (I’ve definitely had the Frenemy, Overstresser, PTP, Drama Queen and Micromanaging Jackass – phew!) but this post in particular prompted a quick response from yours truly.

tip of the week: be famous already

you ever sent out millions of resumes without getting a single interview? It can be so frustrating. And while you sit there wondering what you could have said differently or how you could have presented yourself in a better way, it turns out that there’s one great, quick way to get a job without even applying: just be famous already.Kim Kardashian, best known for parlaying a sex tape into a reality TV career, has been ‘hired’ as the Contributing Beauty Editor for OK! magazineIt turns out that your own reality show and a slew of famewhoring relatives makes you a much better candidate for the job than any editorial experience, beauty know-how, or writing ability. That said, she does wear makeup, so she must know about it. Oh, and she has an endorsement deal for her own perfume! I hope she’ll stick to her high journalistic standards and not plug her product in her articles.

Also, OK’s cover story this week is their exclusive coverage of Kim’s sister’s wedding. Coincidence? Or synergy? You decide.

what’s really sick about this is the fact that the blog is totally spot on. OK! Editors aren’t the sharpest pens in the literary bunch so it’s very safe to assume that just because Kimmy K knows how to apply mascara (depicted so perfectly in the above picture) must mean she knows all about it. because she knows how to read must mean that she knows how to be an actual, real life, writing able, detail-oriented, deadline-driven editor. riiiiiiight. I’d die to see her take the editorial test normally required of any magazine publishing job. maybe OK! cover girl/lil’ sister Khloe can help her out with that one.

Image thanks to OK!


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