cellulite. there I said it. one of the ugliest words in our vocabulary. almost every woman over 20 has it regardless of their size or weight. since bikini season is upon us :blargh: I figured I’d give this recipe a whirl to see if coffee really does wake up the skin as so many claim.

I doubled the batch and mixed coffee grounds and olive oil (you’ll definitely need more than a tablespoon to make it stick!) in a large bowl. I also added rosemary (helps to boost circulation) and sugar for extra umph and stored in the fridge. this is best to do before bed or before you take your shower in the morning. it gets really messy so either lay newspaper on the floor or else scrub-a-dub in the tub because this stuff gets every where! take a handful and rub in circular motions starting just above your knee and working up the leg to your backside. you can use your hands or a loofa. leave on for 3-5 minutes then rinse with warm water.

please keep in mind that  I normally don’t fall for the “rub coffee on your bum” theory to kick the cellulite blues, however, after adding rosemary and sugar for extra circulation and exfoliation I figured there may be more to this myth. I made this a week ago and have used it three times since then. my skin feels unbelievably smooth and supple. as for the dimpling, while it is minor compared to other cases, it’s enough to make me freak out in frustration. I have yet to see any improvements, but once I’ve used this potion for a few weeks I’ll be sure to check back with you. I’m sure getting my lazy self off the couch and back on the Pilates mat will help!


*rosemary is known to trigger memory. I took one whiff and, between pouring in the olive oil and adding the sugar, I remembered watching my grandma make Bisquick pancakes in her fuzzy yellow bathrobe when I was 12-years-old. the candy cane pink kitchen counter. the plush orange peaches and ripe cherry red berry wallpaper. the veins in her hands. the clear polish she wore. and how even at 8 a.m. in that nubby yellow bathrobe and faded pink pajamas she had to have her trademark mauve lipstick on. natural beauty, to say the very least.


if nothing else, this mixture triggered one of my favorite childhood memories. even if I see no improvements in my cellulite state, I’m happy with that result. let you know how the battle goes!