I’m gonna sit right down

and write myself a letter

and make believe it came from you

– Fats Waller

my apologies for being MIA the last few days. i’ve missed this place very much. i will be honest and tell you that i thoroughly enjoyed the holiday weekend. more so than any Fourth of July in recent memory. watching the light show from a rooftop armed with ice cream sandwiches, fresh strawberries, and your best friend was spectacular. oh yeah – and people who looked as if they were in a bath tub but were really just chillin’ on their sofa (our bad!) was pretty entertaining, too.



Photos thanks to popcorn plays

now that the warm weather is finally here I’ve been enjoying those lazy summer mornings where the wind is as warm as you are. slipping into your suit and packing fresh sandwiches coupled with cold beers is the ultimate in the art of relaxation. then cooling off in a secluded pond as our legs dangle lifelessly in the pool creates a chorus of content sighs. snapping grills full of steaks and burgers surrounded by good friends and the gleaming sun started our Saturday night. tan arms and rusty old bikes rolling along the lakeside. bonfires licking the damp night air. and the sun slowly sliding down the side of the sky as you watch it disappear from the dock with your friends. yes, a very enjoyable weekend indeed. xo


is not unlike…