as a child of 80s and 90s music and pop culture, I’m beyond devastated by the sudden loss of the King of Pop Michael Jackson. I’m not going into the medical details of this loss because that’s what the Associated Press is for. I want to celebrate his artistic accomplishments, his outrageous worldwide stage presence, and the way he made all of us feel. his music was the soundtrack for my generation. so many of MJ’s songs played as the backdrop to numerous childhood, teenage, and college memories that I simply lose track. to the many nights spent trying to moonwalk with my best friend to “Beat It”; to karaoking “Man In The Mirror”; to watching my mom sing “ABC” using a wooden spoon as her mic; to the many hours I sat until my ass was sore watching his music videos when there was such a thing as music television; it’s all thanks to you, Michael Jackson. thank you for helping me remember the most energetic, magical periods of my past. you are forever “Invincible.”


Videos thanks to The Official Michael Jackson YouTube Channel