I may be a lil’ late on the gun/off the gun/late to start/whatever that expression is with this, but what is this guy’s deal?

Today, Mel Gibson’s new (and pregnant) girlfriend, a Russian-born pianist and composer named Oksana Grigorieva–heretofore famous mainly for being a past paramour of James Bond star Timothy Dalton–releases a new single entitled “Say My Name,” which features lyrics co-authored by none other than Mel Gibson.  – Stop The Presses!

what happened to you, Mel Gibson? you actin’ kind of shady, ain’t callin’ me baby, why the sudden change? how does one go from being an Academy Award winning director, People‘s sexiest man alive, the star of two popular and plentiful franchises, and even one of the most memorable religious Jesus-wannabes to yet another corny celeb lyricist?? here’s a lil’ musical snack to satisfy your obvious undying curiosity:

The future contrives to draw me in its wake/ I’m not afraid of leaving, if I know why and when/ I’ll have to walk a few more miles before you say my name again/ My name again.” – Stop The Presses!

for those of you truly inspired by the above lyrics have no fear. there’s a video now, too. obviously I’m all for laughing at celebs who try to mimick the greats, but to try and pull a Kate Bush/Sinead O’Connor/Cher in one fell swoop? seriously? the nerve! Cher wants her face back!

Grigorieva’s forthcoming album Beautiful Heartache Headache will hit stores soon. just don’t stay tuned to this blog to find out when. let’s hope he doesn’t pull a Destiny’s Child and try to incorporate another stooge into their group, i.e. their impending spawn. Mel bedazzled in denim? not a pretty picture, folks.