for once I received some happy mail in my inbox. this came in the form of a loud magenta and hot pink flier with the words “SUMO BIG SAVINGS” plastered on the front in big bold black letters.


I took a deep breath of excitement and scanned to the bottom of the flier. our dear fabulous friends at M•A•C are giving us 25% off everything online from June 16-18. use offer code sumo. and you thought you already had a good weekend! talk about ending it on a high note!


check out their latest collection, Naked Honey. I say go for the tinted lipglass in Queen Bee. it’s sweet like honeycomb with a sexy sting.


also, for those of you who have been hooked on Hello Kitty since your first day of kindergarten (current company included) then take notice that M•A•C still has limited edition Hello Kitty for M•A•C available online. just type in “hello kitty” under search and you’ll see what’s left. personally, I am shocked. I woke up at 6 a.m. the morning it went live to make sure I got my order in. who can resist buying happiness?! I’m a fan of Popster tinted lip conditioner and beauty powder in Pretty Baby. Popster gives you that Garden of Eden coral kick while Pretty Baby adds just the right amount of flushing pink to get you really blushing in no time. it’s no wonder Kitty’s the ambassador of smiles… .

Photos thanks to MAC Cosmetics