in the spirit of prom season, i am proud to share my baby sister’s look for her senior prom. she’s graduating at the end of this month (yes, i feel ancient) so to celebrate her beauty (and share some beauty tips of my own) i want to share with you some gorgeous pictures of her from that day.

our beauty inspiration: Scarlett O’Hara :que Tara serenade:


Sarah’s hair is short and this natural deep chestnut color with sporadic tints of red (thanks to previous coloring) so we had to find the right color extensions to weave into her hair. this style is pretty simple to do (surprisingly).


pull hair back into two ponytails. if you’re using extensions, bobby pin the extensions into the lower ponytail to create a sort of building block to then secure the style. begin wrapping hair around both ponytails to create the “spun” look you see above. take a strand of hair no bigger than two fingers width and spray two inches away using an up-and-down motion with secure hold spray. wrap and twist around ponytails, alternating from one to the other, and secure with bobby pins that match your hair color. repeat. incorporate your natural hair last as to ensure coloring stays fluid throughout. eventually you will have created a polished spun bun. top it off with smoothing pomade (Redken Water Wax is a favorite) to hold flyaways and create texture. finish by spraying hair all over to ensure a solid hold. go paint the town red!